walking alongside the robinson neighborhood restoring hope and renewing neighborhoods

Taking the first step toward self-reliance.

FACE began with the shared belief that our neighbors in the Robinson neighborhood are family, worthy of respect and support, no matter what their circumstances might be.  We opened our eyes to the real issues our neighbors struggle with and are committed to helping families experience hope and healing.




Identifying our neighborhood needs.

Trying to reach goals can be difficult when one is struggling to survive on just the basic necessities of life such as food and shelter. By addressing those deeper needs that hinder families from moving forward, we open the doors to greater self-reliance and future transformation.







Providing programs through partnership.

Our focus on families specifically in the Robinson neighborhood allows us to walk with the entire family, offering support where they need it most.

FACE is a neighborhood resource that empowers struggling families, living in an area of concentrated poverty, to become self-reliant. FACE provides a variety of services and integrated programs designed to meet physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of these families and their children.



Resourcing Families

FACE serves as a neighborhood resource center that provides emergency assistance to families in need. Prayer Partners and Care teams offer relational support and mentoring for families struggling with brokenness and strife. We refer families who need additional help to resources through our network of citywide agencies and community benefit organizations.

Caring For Individuals

Face offers opportunities for healing and growth.  We connect families with prayer partners; care teams and friendships for emotional, relational and spiritual growth. We teach and model a healthy lifestyle through recreational, fitness and team building activities. Students are nurtured with academic support and enrichment programs.

Developing Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Partnerships

Face is a training and idea incubator for:
  • Preparing future community and urban leaders who can effectively lead in complex and diverse environment;
  • Mobilizing social and business entrepreneurs who can use their talents and unleash their gifts to make a difference and provide job opportunities for under employed and hard to employ residents in our community;
  • Collaborating with local agencies, churches, businesses and institutions that are seeking community


Mobilizing and Equipping people for Community Transformation.

Some walks of life are long and treacherous. Each is unique.  Through ongoing collaboration with community partners and a commitment to building healthy relationships, we believe neighborhood renewal is possible.



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Fresno Area Community Enterprises

5724 N. Fresno St., Fresno, CA 93710
Phone: 559.431.3223
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