GED Study Group


Our GED study group started in December 2012.  Since the class began, eight individuals have participated in the program.  A team of four adults have provided one-on-one assistance and given their time to mentoring these students to help them prepare for the test.



A Story of Hope: Justin Moore

Justin MooreJustin and his two sisters grew up in a single parent home. He faced homelessness at an early age while his mother was in and out of shelters. At the age of sixteen Justin dropped out of school and started looking for work. He has struggled with finding stable employment for the past several years.

Justin moved to Fresno in 2014 to pursue a relationship. In the Fall, he was referred to our GED study program through Learn2Earn, an educational resource center sponsored by the city. They connected him to our study group and he has been working with one of our tutors every Monday and Wednesday since last October. He plans on taking the GED exam this summer.

While in our GED study group, Justin learned of our social enterprise Rock Pile Yard Services. We placed him on a work team and he has been working part-time since last November. Justin enjoys the opportunity to work with his hands, learn about teamwork and most of all receive a paycheck.

He is currently engaged to be married with a baby on the way. Justin wants to further develop his life skills and already is signed up for the next “Faith and Finance” class. He desires to be a loyal employee that can help Rock Pile Yard Services grow. Because of his dependability, work ethic, and commitment, Justin is usually one of the first employees to get a call when a job comes in. He is big asset to our team.






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