Job Creation/Training


We believe that job training/creation is critical for families to break out of poverty and become self-sustaining. This past year we have launched two small businesses to help empower those who are struggling with unemployment or under-employment.



David Bertalotto

Our new small business is allowing people like David to work and help develop other younger adults who are struggling with unemployment and under-employment.
We met David in 2008 after he had been incarcerated for 14 months and was looking for a place to make positive changes in his life while on parole.   We formed a care team that met with David for two years supporting him, praying for him and helping him as he sought after full time employment.  Because of his felony, David struggled with finding a full-time job, taking whatever he job he could to survive and avoid relying solely on government relief.  He waved a sign on Shaw Ave for a while and also found part-time work with a realtor company, but the work was only seasonal and fluctuated with the economy.  Finally, through a reference and connection from one of the members of his care team, David landed a steady job in a warehouse.  Unfortunately, he was recently laid off when the company had to consolidate.
In February of this year, FACE launched a 2nd business that provides lawn and yard work, as well as doing jobs that require physical labor such as moving furniture, transporting items, and doing clean-up work.  David has served as one of the on-site supervisors for this new social enterprise.  Currently over 15 jobs have been completed in the first three months of existence.  A truck donated to FACE as well as a number of yard and lawn tools have made it possible to send out crews to work and develop job skills for some of the folks we are trying to help find employment.
Besides David’s role as one of the job-site supervisors, he has connected with multiple men in our faith community and currently helps lead a small group of young men in a Bible Study, several of whom also are facing challenges finding work and overcoming hardships.   David encourages these young men through sharing his own story.  David says that his desire is to give back and serve because he has personally experienced and tasted the power of community that has shown him love and support during a time in his life where he was wrestling with despair and hopelessness.  We are grateful to have David on our team!







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