Micah Project


The Micah Project is a ten-month discipleship experience that places participants in a community setting while exploring church and urban ministry and growing in leadership development. Participants volunteer in their local North Fresno Church (NFC) or Fresno Area Community Enterprises (FACE) ministry, participate in house meetings to study core content curriculum on urban issues, meet weekly with a NFC mentor, meet regularly with the Program Director, and take intentional time to spend with roommates and in the community.



A Story of Hope: Christian Farley

christianChristian is the youngest of five children who were born in southern California.  The entire family moved to Fresno when he was 11 years old.  His parents’ relationship was a struggle which resulted in them separating and the children all staying with their mother.  Resources were tight with a single disability income.  This resulted in nearly six years of living in motels and shelters and moving around a lot.  For a time they were even homeless and then eventually were able to move into the Whispering Woods Apartments, located in our neighborhood.
Nearly two years ago Christian was looking for a Christian community to be part of and a person in the neighborhood suggested that he visit North Fresno Church since it was a good church and conveniently situated right down the street from where he was living.  He felt welcomed there and came to church on a regular basis, getting baptized on Easter 2013.
Christian was encouraged to apply for the Micah Project, a 10-month leadership discipleship urban ministry experience.  He lives in an apartment with Eric, also a Micah Project intern, in a complex right near North Fresno Church.  The Micah Project experience has been quite amazing for Christian.  One of the highlights of the year was going to the CCDA (Christian Community Development Association) conference in New Orleans.  Not only was it his first plane ride, but it was also an amazing experience to hear how other people who have had similar backgrounds have become leaders in their community and are making a difference.
 A social work major, Christian feels called to help others who are in situations like he was. He has been a faithful volunteer in our Tutoring Club and can easily relate to students who have challenging circumstances and encourage them to stay in school while giving them hope for their future.   Christian is compassionate and seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of people he meets.







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