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This past year we started offering parenting classes called “Love and Logic” which is an approach that provides practical tools and techniques that help adults achieve respectful, healthy relationships with their children. Over thirty individuals and couples have completed the class.



A Story of Hope: Ryan and Jenny McCauley

Jenny-RyanThe parenting class helped Ryan and Jenny gain some valuable tools for managing family as well as strengthening their marriage.
We met Jenny in 2009. She was a single mother at the time, struggling to survive while trying to raise three children, working part-time at Walgreens, and fighting to break free from alcohol. The SART (Social Action Response Team) helped meet a few tangible needs for Jenny and her family by providing some furniture and help with rent.
As we cultivated a relationship with Jenny, she began to make some connections with a few ladies in church who walked alongside her as she journeyed on this hard road to recovery. A couple of ladies have been meeting regularly with Jenny for several years now and have been a huge wall of support. In 2010, Jenny was baptized. In August 2012 she was married. Ryan, her new husband, brought three kids into the marriage and Jenny brought her own three creating some challenging dynamics.
Both acknowledged that it was very difficult to try and parent after having been single parents for many years and developing unique styles of parenting. “We found ourselves on the brink of despair, not knowing what to do in the area of parenting and just feeling stuck,” said Ryan. “Things seemed to be spiraling out of control.” Then they heard about the parenting class FACE sponsored last fall called ” Love and Logic.” Ryan and Jenny said the class has given them a lot of hope as they have been able to agree on some approaches to discipline and communication. “It is still not easy, but we feel so much more united then before in how we respond to our kids in everyday challenges.
Our marriage has been strengthened too,” said Jenny. Jenny and Ryan are both now connected to small groups and Jenny just celebrated four years of sobriety. The combination of a supportive community and life skill training has resulted in some positive changes and provided hope for their blended family.






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