Rock Pile Yard Services

FACE launched Rock Pile Yard Services in an effort to provide work for men in the neighborhood and address California’s drought by specializing in xeriscape, a form of water-wise landscaping.



A Story of Hope: Ruben Facio

Our new social enterprise is allowing people like Ruben to work and help develop other men both young and old, who are struggling with unemployment and under-employment.

We believe that job training/creation is critical for families to break out of poverty and become self-sustaining. This past year we have launched two small businesses to help empower those who are struggling with unemployment or under-employment.

We met Ruben Facio this past summer through David Bertalotto, one of our supervisors for Rock Pile Yard Service, the social enterprise that FACE started in 2014 to employ men struggling to find work. Like David, Ruben was formerly
incarcerated. Because of his background, he found himself often being sent to the back of the line for jobs.

After having lunch together, we learned that Ruben had a vision to start a business that would give people like himself an opportunity to do meaningful work and break free from the stigma of welfare. Besides providing some much-needed income, this potential business would serve as a laboratory for cultivating work skills and mentoring younger men both spiritually and relationally. After sharing our vision about what FACE was already doing, we invited Ruben to join our team.

Ruben has helped grow the business of Rock Pile and now has become the Project Manager for water-wise landscaping projects as well as traditional lawn and yard care. In November, Ruben helped us present the social enterprise vision to Spark Tank, the business contest sponsored by the Center of Community Transformation. Rock Pile was one of three social enterprises to receive first prize.

Ruben is thrilled to use his gifts and passion to help Rock Pile Yard Service grow. His friendly personality, strong work ethic and ability to engage with both clients and co-workers has proven to be a great fit for our FACE team. We look forward to seeing the fruit that will come from Ruben’s leadership, passion and creativity!






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