Summer Adventure Club

Summer Adventure Club is a seven week summer learning experience for elementary and middle school students that teaches life skills, healthy eating, recreation, and educational electives.   The weekly field trips expose students to local parks, historical sites and cultural attractions.



A Story of Hope: Devon and Alex Garza

Devin-and-AlexDevon and Alex have been enriched through our Summer Adventure Club and have experienced new growth and skills
We met the Garza family in 2012. Stephanie and her two boys Devon (age 14) and Alex (age 13), lived next door in an apartment complex and were invited to get involved by one of her friends who is a member of our faith community.  For the last couple of years the two teens have been actively participating in our after-school Tutoring Club and Summer Adventure Club.
Summer is a time when many kids regress from learning and lose ground in the area of reading and educational enrichment.  Instead of staying home and spending many hours watching TV, playing video games or sleeping in, SAC provides opportunities for under-resourced youth like the Garzas to engage in healthy outlets and stimulate their thinking.
Last year during SAC, Devon and Alex had the chance to learn kayaking and canoeing on the San Joaquin River, learn the game of chess, improve their drawing skills, and develop some bike repair skills to name a few.  Devon has struggled with academics and prefers to work with his hands.  He has expressed an interest in learning auto mechanics and/or electronics.  Although FACE has no program for vocational learning we are hoping that one day we can develop a mentoring program that can support people like Devon who desires to pursue another kind of learning.  We look forward to having the Garzas participate in SAC this summer as they approach high school and the curriculum demands increase.
Besides participating in SAC and Tutoring Club, Devon and Alex have connected with the church youth group that happens on Wednesday evenings.    There they have made friends and participated in some of the social activities and spiritual retreats.  We are grateful to have them in our community.






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