Tutoring Club


Our bi-weekly after-school tutoring club has taken place for over 8 years.  Volunteers come alongside elementary-age and middle school kids to help them with their homework. We also encourage them to read by offering access to our library and having a time set aside where they read to adults and then are read to as well.



A Story of Hope: Linda Bagent and Jeremy Dooley

Linda-and-JeremyLinda has lived in the Robinson neighborhood for almost three years.  In fact, she lives in the apartment complex right next door to FACE.  She is a divorced mother with four grown daughters. Three of her daughters have made good choices in their lives and have stable families. Her fourth daughter has made some less than positive choices.  Her daughter’s lifestyle choices led to her son, Jeremy, to being taken away from her.  Jeremy’s father is serving time in prison for poor choices he has made.  With Dad in prison and Mom not capable of taking care of him, Jeremy has been placed with his grandma.
Although Linda loves Jeremy she was not quite prepared for the way having a eight-year-old living with her would change her life. Shifting roles from Grandma to direct parenting has been challenging for Linda. Being divorced for the last 16 years, Linda had established her daily routine and enjoyed her time alone after work.  She works in the marketing department for a local company. She has had to cut back her hours in order to be home when Jeremy gets out of school.
Jeremy is in second grade at Robinson Elementary. He is full of energy and curiosity, but also struggles with self-control and staying focused. Linda’s neighbor, Valerie, told her about the FACE after-school Tutoring Club that she was taking her daughter to and so Linda brought Jeremy by to check it out. Jeremy quickly made himself at home in the group and introduced himself to the tutors. Linda is grateful to have other people investing in Jeremy’s education and personal growth two afternoons a week.  Jeremy says that his favorite part of tutoring club is that the tutors help a lot. On Wednesdays, Jeremy is excited to stay for dinner and recreation time especially if basketball is involved. Jeremy recently enjoyed a Tutoring Club rewards trip to John’s Incredible Pizza..






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