Congratulations to Ruben Facio!

Ruben came to FACE looking for employment at a time when he had some barriers that made finding a job difficult. We hired Ruben for Rock Pile Landscaping and he has been working for FACE since the summer of 2014. He has been a great asset to our team and worked his way into the Rock Pile Project Manager position. Ruben has a great eye for a well-done project and also did a wonderful job connecting with our clients to understand what they wanted and to ensure they got the quality service they deserved. It is a bittersweet time for us as Ruben has left Rock Pile Landscaping and has gone to work with Hector Hernandez at Resilient Landscapes & Co. We miss Ruben and yet we also celebrate when employees can go on to find full time work. The sweet part is that we love to partner with Resilient Landscaping by referring jobs to them that are too big for RPL and also sharing employees. Our heartfelt congratulations goes out to Ruben! And congratulations to Phil Harmon, who is our new Rock Pile Project Manager!

Kelly Kucharski