Resourced to Move Forward

Homelessness can be short lived with the right support and people willing to be generous with their resources. Fresno Area Community Enterprises (FACE) strives to resource and care for those who are facing the challenges that bring them to the point of not having a place to live. Allie was connected to FACE through a North Fresno Church member. He was experiencing a set of various unfortunate circumstances and had to ask complete strangers for help. Within 24 hours of Allie being connected to FACE, he had a place to stay overnight, food security, and a place to go for technical and social support with finding a job. Within two weeks Allie secured a high paying job and moved back to Southern California to start new. Allie is so grateful for the way he’s been supported that he has offered to take late night phone calls from those struggling with mental health or just needing encouragement. Sometimes our plans for life do not go as we hoped, but having people to walk alongside and support us, can make the challenging times easier and give us hope for the future. Please pray for Allie and people in similar situations, that they might find the resources and care they need for hope and restoration.

Kelly Kucharski