Beauty from Ashes

Devastation was left in the wake of the 2017 Railroad wildfire, and Calvin Crest Christian Camp was at the brink of closure. With rising insurance rates, destroyed cabins, smoke residue and no ability to host camps, they were considering shutting down their doors. In a team effort to Restore Hope and Renew Neighborhoods, FACE partnered with Biostewards Inc. to become part of the solution that’s brought the camp back into working condition and restoration to the forest and Fresno community. 

Two years ago Warren Bean graduated from Fresno Pacific University with a degree in Environmental Science and was looking for a full time job to support his family. He met with FACE’s ED Loren Dubberke, who connected him with Biostewards Inc. Since then, Warren has played a key role that has held FACE, Biostewards, and Calvin Crest together towards a restorative solution for our communities. Warren has trained and facilitated 15-20 seasonal and part time workers connected to FACE who had big barriers to employment. He has patiently and diligently led crews across 360 acres clearing dead trees, thinning, and planted over 37 thousand new trees. Warren leads operation of a mill that transforms and sells discarded lumber for profit to the camp, and is now training under resourced Fresno workers into new full time positions. 

Warren said without the help of the FACE workers, they would not be able to restore the land. The camp is now beginning to blossom again like the seedlings they began planting two years ago. Connecting people in need of employment with the needs of the devastated forest is renewing both the land and people. Calvin Crest Christian Camp and FACE employees are truly experiencing new life.  

The fires devastated 1,000 precious Sequoia trees, but even those can be restored and sold as donations to continue this restorative work and support of the hope brought to our neighborhood. The Sequoias have been sent to a local woodmaker who has repurposed them into hand crafted original bears and trees. Please take a look and consider this your opportunity to continue this restorative work through receiving one of these original pieces by your generous donations.


Kelly Kucharski