Welcome new staff member Genevieve!

Genevieve has it in her heart to give back to FACE after the help she received for her and her family. She started with FACE by volunteering last October cooking and volunteering with projects and events. She made herself available in any way needed because the staff already helped her with so many resources. Now she has joined the staff team and is serving others in the neighborhood like herself who are looking for hope and restoration…..making a difference she gets to continue being part of FACE’s mission, inspiring us in restoring hope and renewing neighborhoods.

Her new role will be in administration; assisting program facilitation and organization, while handling the needs of those that come through our front door. 

Genevieve loves to spend time with her family cooking or bbqing. She shares a passion with her daughter for singing and they like to sing karaoke together. She also loves to sew and do craft projects. Some future plans include going back to college for a Bachelors in Christian Leadership and Mentoring, with a potential focus on becoming a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. 

Kelly Kucharski