First Job for Two Wonderful Young Ladies!

One of the great things about Roadrunner Central (RRC) that we have not talked about much is the staff. Amanda would not have been able to run the program without quality staff. We want to highlight two of the RRC staff, Batoul and Liberty,  because FACE was able to employ them with their first job experience.

Batoul, 18, brought a meek and caring spirit to our program. She migrated to Fresno from Syria four years ago with her family. Batoul was always the first one at work in the morning and was ready to get the day started. She prepped the students’ breakfast snack and lunches and helped keep the kitchen tidy. During class time, she would sit one on one with many students to help them learn their sight words.  “Batoul was always the first smile I would see in the morning. I have seen such a difference in her confidence from when she first started at Roadrunner to now,” Amanda says.

Liberty, 19, brought so much fun to RRC. She was never afraid to talk with the kids and always made time to play games with them. She said the most challenging part of RRC was learning that the students’ understanding of things was very different than hers but that it helped her learn and grow more than she could have imagined. Liberty enjoyed seeing the confidence grow in each student as time went on. Liberty worked with RRC the whole school year and was one of Amanda’s “go-tos”. Whether it was working with one of the more challenging students, preparing lunches, or leading break activities, she always did it with a positive attitude. “She is a born leader and will excel in whatever she chooses to do next,” Amanda says.

We are grateful for Batoul and Liberty being a vital part of the Roadrunner Central team!



Kelly Kucharski

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