Thankful for our Board and Staff

There have been several recent transitions on the FACE Board and Staff so we want to introduce them to you and encourage you to follow the link below to read a short bio about each of them.  FACE is continuing to be available to help meet the needs especially in this time as many folks find themselves without the resources needed. We are especially grateful for such a capable team during this time of many uncertainties as we continue to Care, Resource, and Develop our community.  

Anthony Bunch: Security For and From FACE

Anthony Bunch has served with FACE as a security guard over the past couple years while at the same time FACE has provided him security in social and emotional ways, often times protecting him from homelessness. Anthony Bunch grew up in our neighborhood.  He was raised by a single father who struggled on and off with unemployment.   After becoming an adult, Anthony separated from his father and moved frequently from place to place, living in shelters, then board and care homes, and various motels or independent living. His social workers tried hard to accommodate Anthony, but they were unable to provide […]

Welcome new staff member Genevieve!

Genevieve has it in her heart to give back to FACE after the help she received for her and her family. She started with FACE by volunteering last October cooking and volunteering with projects and events. She made herself available in any way needed because the staff already helped her with so many resources. Now she has joined the staff team and is serving others in the neighborhood like herself who are looking for hope and restoration…..making a difference she gets to continue being part of FACE’s mission, inspiring us in restoring hope and renewing neighborhoods. Her new role will […]

Thank you to Marly & Jorg

This past month two FACE staff members started full time positions at other great companies serving Fresno. Please pray for them and wish them well in their new journey. We are so grateful and appreciative of their service at FACE and blessed by the impact they’ve had on our community! Marly In FACE bookkeeper since 2016 New position: Aplos software company bookkeeper I love that FACE is a unique place from the programs they provide, the partnerships with other community organizations, and the social enterprises. I will surely miss the staff, the staff meetings, and all the people who come […]

A Great Success!

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” – Nelson Mandela Over the summer the FACE office transformed, from a relatively quiet work environment, into crazy town. On July 3rd we started our yearly 6-week Summer Adventure Club program (SAC). Spearheaded by Marisa Martinez, Jonathan Douglas, Jorg Letkemann, and Xavier Brumfield. Filled with games, fun, lessons, and Friday field trips the participants got to gain a variety of new experiences. Among other things, we learned about faraway lands such as Paraguay, South Africa, and our neighbor Mexico. Faced with […]

Beauty from Ashes

Devastation was left in the wake of the 2017 Railroad wildfire, and Calvin Crest Christian Camp was at the brink of closure. With rising insurance rates, destroyed cabins, smoke residue and no ability to host camps, they were considering shutting down their doors. In a team effort to Restore Hope and Renew Neighborhoods, FACE partnered with Biostewards Inc. to become part of the solution that’s brought the camp back into working condition and restoration to the forest and Fresno community.  Two years ago Warren Bean graduated from Fresno Pacific University with a degree in Environmental Science and was looking for […]

Thrift on Blackstone Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Many people gathered on Saturday, June 15th to celebrate the first anniversary of Thrift on Blackstone and of course to take advantage of the 50% off discount for the day.  Everyone seemed to be excited about the treasures and deals they found for sale and enjoyed snow cones and other snacks provided by FACE. The celebratory mood lasted throughout the day with the net sales totaling $3,444, which was their biggest day yet!   What an encouraging way to celebrate the first year of business! Thrift on Blackstone had a good first year!  They have felt the support from many churches […]

7th Annual FACE Banquet

A grand crowd gathered for the FACE 7th annual banquet! Guests gathered early, eager to examine the silent auction items and begin to drool over delicious options in the Dessert Auction. And then the bidding began with excitement and energy! Loren Dubberke, FACE Executive Director, kicked the evening off welcoming guests, who then enjoyed a delicious tri-tip dinner locally catered by Rob’s Bayside BBQ. The evening included a new FACE video, sharing from Loren, and several stories of hope. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend, serve, and contribute to the banquet! We are incredibly grateful for your […]

FSU and FACE partner for Scholars in Service- Listen to the Podcast

Listen to FSU’s podcast featuring our two Scholars in Service Interns with two FACE administrators. Working together as partners develops students and enhances our ability to give back and build up our community. The 3/24/19 episode of KFSR’s Fresno State Service In Action with host Chris Fiorentino and guests Fresno State Scholars In Service students Marisa Martinez and Jessica Pablo, along with Fresno Area Community Enterprises – FACE administrators Rhonda Lautt Dueck and Kelly Kucharski about FACE, and how Fresno State students are gaining experience while providing services to the multiple programs and enterprises within the organization is now available via podcast! Fresno State Service In Action

Resourced to Move Forward

Homelessness can be short lived with the right support and people willing to be generous with their resources. Fresno Area Community Enterprises (FACE) strives to resource and care for those who are facing the challenges that bring them to the point of not having a place to live. Allie was connected to FACE through a North Fresno Church member. He was experiencing a set of various unfortunate circumstances and had to ask complete strangers for help. Within 24 hours of Allie being connected to FACE, he had a place to stay overnight, food security, and a place to go for […]