10th Annual FACE Banquet

Thursday, May 5th, 2022 Auctions & Raffles    5:00PM Dinner & Program    6:00PM  

Churches provide support for schools – Christian Leader Magazine

Schools, churches team up to tackle learning during COVID-19 By Jessica Vix Allen  – January 1, 2021 Picture Caption: Students engage in distance learning at Roadrunner Central at North Fresno (California) Church, which provides WiFi and a quiet study environment for 12 students ranging in age from kindergarten to sixth grade. NFC hosts the program in three rooms in its educational building, allowing for more students with social distancing measures. Photo: NFC This fall, schools and communities around the nation entered uncharted territory as they began the new school year during the ongoing threat of a global pandemic. For some […]

Kresge Foundation Award to FACE

We are honored to announce that FACE is one of eight Fresno community-based organizations, working to strengthen neighborhoods in Fresno, that was awarded grant money from the Kresge Foundation.  The Kresge Community Support: Fresno grant aims to support the growth of the city’s community development infrastructure, and in turn, improve the quality of life for residents in Fresno neighborhoods. Click HERE to read more Part of the grant money received by FACE is being used for office remodeling that has been greatly needed in order to serve our neighborhood in a more effective manner.  Here are some “in-process” pictures of construction that […]

Meeting practical needs opens doors – Christian Leader Magazine Article

Read this article about FACE in Christian Leader Magazine “The magazine of the U.S. Mennonite Brethren” Meeting practical needs opens doors

Community food distribution

Along with many challenges, COVID-19 has also given opportunity for the blessing of increased partnerships across our city.  Because of pre-existing partnerships with Metro Ministries and El Dorado Community Development Corporation, we were able to receive food that we were then able to distribute to families that we are connected to. Over the past couple of months we have provided food for 50 families and 5 organizations or churches. Family Covenant Church, Dakota Eco Gardens, Grace Place, Central Community Church, and Mayfair Elementary School all received fresh fruit. So far, we have distributed 150 cases of fresh fruit and 30 Turkeys […]

Congratulations to Ruben Facio!

Ruben came to FACE looking for employment at a time when he had some barriers that made finding a job difficult. We hired Ruben for Rock Pile Landscaping and he has been working for FACE since the summer of 2014. He has been a great asset to our team and worked his way into the Rock Pile Project Manager position. Ruben has a great eye for a well-done project and also did a wonderful job connecting with our clients to understand what they wanted and to ensure they got the quality service they deserved. It is a bittersweet time for […]

Thankful for our Board and Staff

There have been several recent transitions on the FACE Board and Staff so we want to introduce them to you and encourage you to follow the link below to read a short bio about each of them.  FACE is continuing to be available to help meet the needs especially in this time as many folks find themselves without the resources needed. We are especially grateful for such a capable team during this time of many uncertainties as we continue to Care, Resource, and Develop our community.  

Anthony Bunch: Security For and From FACE

Anthony Bunch has served with FACE as a security guard over the past couple years while at the same time FACE has provided him security in social and emotional ways, often times protecting him from homelessness. Anthony Bunch grew up in our neighborhood.  He was raised by a single father who struggled on and off with unemployment.   After becoming an adult, Anthony separated from his father and moved frequently from place to place, living in shelters, then board and care homes, and various motels or independent living. His social workers tried hard to accommodate Anthony, but they were unable to provide […]

Welcome new staff member Genevieve!

Genevieve has it in her heart to give back to FACE after the help she received for her and her family. She started with FACE by volunteering last October cooking and volunteering with projects and events. She made herself available in any way needed because the staff already helped her with so many resources. Now she has joined the staff team and is serving others in the neighborhood like herself who are looking for hope and restoration…..making a difference she gets to continue being part of FACE’s mission, inspiring us in restoring hope and renewing neighborhoods. Her new role will […]

Thank you to Marly & Jorg

This past month two FACE staff members started full time positions at other great companies serving Fresno. Please pray for them and wish them well in their new journey. We are so grateful and appreciative of their service at FACE and blessed by the impact they’ve had on our community! Marly In FACE bookkeeper since 2016 New position: Aplos software company bookkeeper I love that FACE is a unique place from the programs they provide, the partnerships with other community organizations, and the social enterprises. I will surely miss the staff, the staff meetings, and all the people who come […]