FSU and FACE partner for Scholars in Service- Listen to the Podcast

Listen to FSU’s podcast featuring our two Scholars in Service Interns with two FACE administrators. Working together as partners develops students and enhances our ability to give back and build up our community. The 3/24/19 episode of KFSR’s Fresno State Service In Action with host Chris Fiorentino and guests Fresno State Scholars In Service students Marisa Martinez and Jessica Pablo, along with Fresno Area Community Enterprises – FACE administrators Rhonda Lautt Dueck and Kelly Kucharski about FACE, and how Fresno State students are gaining experience while providing services to the multiple programs and enterprises within the organization is now available via podcast! Fresno State Service In Action

Resourced to Move Forward

Homelessness can be short lived with the right support and people willing to be generous with their resources. Fresno Area Community Enterprises (FACE) strives to resource and care for those who are facing the challenges that bring them to the point of not having a place to live. Allie was connected to FACE through a North Fresno Church member. He was experiencing a set of various unfortunate circumstances and had to ask complete strangers for help. Within 24 hours of Allie being connected to FACE, he had a place to stay overnight, food security, and a place to go for […]

GED Completed!

In 2015, Justin Moore was referred to the GED study group that takes place on campus through a city social worker.  Over the course of a few years, Justin studied and was able to pass two parts of the exam. In the Fall of 2018, he found himself out of work and inquired at the FACE office for potential resources. Our staff referred him to a company that was hiring workers.  During his interview, he was asked whether or not he had completed his GED. Justin said no and the employer declined to hire him but said to return once […]